Integrated Transport Terminal, Trebisov

Slovakia | HESCON
The Integrated Transport Terminal in Trebišov is a transport point that primarily forms the connection between rail and bus transport. As part of this project, a proposal for covering the bus stops was designed.

The roof of the platforms is a nearly 72-meter-long object. 

The essential type of connection is a connection with hidden screws inside the hollow profile, on which transverse beams were subsequently placed using a rigid connection, which can be found in the same typology on the entire structure of the bus platform roofs, with minor variations. The hidden detail was achieved by orienting the screws inside the profile with the addition of an enlarged opening on the top flange, providing access to screw-mentioned bolts. In addition to the fact that the given detail meets the requirements from a static point of view, it is visually attractive. 

Another positive is the fact that the screws located inside of the profile are more protected from the effects of exterior climatic effects.