Arch railway bridge, Jetetice

Czech Republic | SUDOP PRAHA
The project proposes a new reinforced concrete arch railway bridge with a span of 156 m, making it the longest of its kind in the Czech Republic. The bridge spans the valley of the Orlik water reservoir on the Vltava river on km 41.791 of the Tabor – Pisek railway line.

The arch is constructed as a suspended cantilever using temporary cable stays, which, due to the high number of construction phases, has led to a big data issue and increased the requirements of FEM and design software. For the design of each bearing part, IDEA StatiCa software was used, primarily using the BIM module and secondarily using the RCS module, when neglecting the construction phases was possible, allowing for shorter computing times.

In addition, other problems were solved using MIDAS Civil: the verification of stay cables' effectiveness through geometrically nonlinear calculation; a second order problem for slender piers through linear buckling analysis, combined with a nonlinear calculation for additional internal forces' evaluation.



Czech Republic
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