SALSE Construction Metallique, Solliès-Ville

SALSE CONSTRUCTION METALLIQUE, a customer of SCIA France for almost 10 years, carried out a beautiful project with the help of IDEA StatiCa and SCIA ENGINEER.

This project concerned a photovoltaic power plant built on the MISTRAL nursery school - in Solliès-Ville - for the Var departmental council. This project included numerous constraints for on-site adaptation and the sections to be galvanized.

In this particular region, the importance of seismic effects cannot be underestimated. This is why the IDEA StatiCa software was used here. Certain connections were optimized using this software, notably the bases of tubular posts.

SCIA ENGINEER was used to create the 3D model of the structure. This model was then calculated dynamically to take into account seismic conditions.

Below you will find some photos of the construction carried out, as well as the 3D design in SCIA ENGINEER. Below you will also find an example of the design of tubular column bases, as well as the calculations and analyzes necessary for this purpose, in the IDEA StatiCa software interface.

Created by Eric GARCIA and his team in the design office at SALSE CONSTRUCTION METALLIQUE.



SALSE Construction Metallique based in La FARLEDE (near TOULON) was created in 1946. The know-how of the SALSE company is recognized in the Provence region. Details