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More than a year ago, we equipped the Richel group with IDEA StatiCa software. SCIA France supported the engineering office with a specific tailor-made training and a regular technical assistance.

One of the latest models calculated concerns a post base of an anti-flying net, with the particularity of being made up of cold-formed steel sections. Design and calculations were carried out with IDEA StatiCa software. This type of structure is operated by Toutabloc which is a brand of the RICHEL group.

During the project, the geometry, thickness of the plates and profiles have been successfully optimized. IDEA StatiCa proved to be the ideal tool to ensure that these types of optimizations facilitate project implementation.

The Richel Group

The Richel Group

The Richel group, created in 1964, is the French specialist and the European leader in the construction of plastic covered greenhouses. Details