Extension of the Clarion Congress Hotel, Ceske Budejovice

Czech Republic | STATIKON Solutions s.r.o.
The investor's plan dealt with the design and realization of an extension to the existing Clarion Hotel. The extension was divided into three different functional parts – a hotel part, a garage part and a part of the congress hall totaling seven storeys. The structural system of the hotel part was designed as a mainly transverse wall system with RC walls and slabs.

The structural system of the garage and the congress hall was designed mainly as a skeleton system with RC walls in both directions. All parts of the building extension were reinforced with communication cores along the height. 

The part of the congress hall was separated from the garage by an object expansion joint. The hotel section was horizontally supported on the columns and walls of the garage by sliding bearings. The foundations of the building were designed to be on drilled piles.

STATIKON Solutions s.r.o.

STATIKON Solutions s.r.o.

Czech Republic
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