Details of the renovated railway bridge over the Elbe, Decin

Czech Republic | SUDOP PRAHA
Renovating the railway bridge over Elbe was an important part of the optimized railway line in Děčín.

Insufficient existing steel superstructures were replaced with two new steel-concrete composite structures (with a span of 26.2 meters, respectively 27.48 meters) and one steel truss bridge (with a span of 2 x 101.2 meters) with a lower orthotropic bridge deck. Longitudinal shift technology was applied to install the new truss girder, which has a length exceeding 200 meters.

IDEA StatiCa's RCS and Connection apps were conveniently used for the design of the many details of all the superstructures. Successful connections were achieved when designing the anchoring of bridge equipment (e.g., footbridges, a maintenance track and water supply pipeline) to the bridge structure. In addition, IDEA StatiCa was used to check some of the steel truss connections and to design bolted joints on the supporting cross-beams of composite bridges, which were proposed during the construction. IDEA StatiCa also helped to assess the assembly hangers of the truss for crane manipulation.



Czech Republic
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