We build partnerships with key companies in the field and link IDEA StatiCa with their key products. IDEA StatiCa is thus a part of a global BIM-based workflow which improves productivity of structural engineers and fabricators all around the world. IDEA StatiCa team members take part in various events of our partners and continuously work on improving workflows in structural analysis and design.
IDEA StatiCa is AEC Industry partner of Autodesk, a recommended 3rd party solution for structural analysis and design for Autodesk users. IDEA StatiCa applications work with Robot Structural Analysis, Advance Steel and Revit Structure. We share Autodesk’s passion for cloud technologies and are developing tools to leverage on Autodesk’s FORGE, a platform for online tools and data exchange for the construction industry.

IDEA StatiCa has strong synergies with Tekla Structures. We partnered up with Trimble to create a seamless link between these two programs. Structural engineers and fabricators can easily export any steel connection from a Tekla Structures project and check it according to various design codes in minutes. Models can then be synchronized to keep track of changes and optimize. Several Tekla Structures resellers, including the biggest one worldwide (Construsoft), also sell and support IDEA StatiCa to deliver a unique service to customers across tens of countries.

We are happy to announce that, after years of thorough testing, HILTI decided to put CBFEM inside the new PROFIS Engineering Suite. Based on a development partnership between HILTI and IDEA StatiCa, new PROFIS Engineering now calculates and checks steel-to-concrete connections using CBFEM.


IDEA StatiCa and GRAITEC jointly develop and deliver innovative solutions for structural engineers and fabricators in Europe and Americas. GRAITEC’s flagship product for structural analysis and design – Advance Design – has part of IDEA StatiCa technology rebranded and tightly integrated. Together with its broad portfolio of engineering applications, GRAITEC sells and supports IDEA StatiCa technology in France, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
IDEA StatiCa and SCIA partnered up to link SCIA Engineer (integrated, multi-material structural analysis and design software for all kinds of structures) with IDEA StatiCa applications (such as IDEA StatiCa Connection). Together, we deliver an efficient BIM-based solution for structural engineers and fabricators.