IDEA StatiCa and Tekla Structures Software

IDEA StatiCa has strong synergies with Tekla Structures. We partnered up with Trimble to create a seamless link between these two programs. Structural engineers and fabricators can easily export any steel connection from a Tekla Structures project and check it according to various design codes in minutes. Models can then be synchronized to keep track of changes and optimize.


Open your project in Tekla Structures, click on the “IDEA Connection” menu, click desired code and select a connection and all its parts. Automatic data transfer is started. You can then transform a connection modeled in Tekla Structures into a properly analyzed and designed connection in IDEA StatiCa in a couple of minutes.
Watch full description of the process in a short video:

Partner webinar

Watch a partner webinar in which we talk (together with Phillip O’Brien from Tekla Structures Division) about the benefits of Tekla-IDEA workflow for structural engineers and fabricators.

IDEA StatiCa and Tekla Structures are advanced structural engineering software products with strong synergy. Join this webinar to learn about this integration between LOD400 steel detailing software and powerful FEM connection software for fast analysis and optimization of both non-standard and standard connections. For many, this offers an opportunity to replace slow, potentially error-prone hand calculations with a practical and productive model-based analysis/design/detail workflow for unlimited complex connection geometry.


Continuous improvements

IDEA StatiCa and Tekla maintain interoperability of their solutions as new features in both programs get released. No later than two months after a release of a new Tekla software product, IDEA StatiCa releases a patch ensure smooth data transfers. Last two major releases are supported.

“We are pleased to be have been assisting the IDEA developers over the past year to ensure that the Tekla Structures / IDEA Connection workflow will support the most complicated steel connection transfer that is required by our mutual clients.”

Philip O’Brien from Trimble Structures Division

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