IDEA StatiCa and Graitec

We are pleased to announce the start of a new International collaboration and partnership between IDEA RS s.r.o. (“IDEA StatiCa”) and GRAITEC Group, represented by GRAITEC Innovation SAS (“GRAITEC”).

GRAITEC is the only Autodesk Platinum partner covering North America and Europe and a leading international player in the market of BIM technologies for Architecture, Engineering and Construction.
IDEA StatiCa is an innovator in the field of structural design of steel connections, thanks to the development of a new method, Component-Based Finite element model (CBFEM), for analysis and checking of steel joints of any shapes and loading.

The 2018 release of GRAITEC’s Advance Design platform will deliver a powerful new application for structural engineers involved in steel joint design; Advance Design Connection.

Advance Design Connection is a unique version of IDEA StatiCa Connection, rebranded and tailor-made for GRAITEC users in France, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Advance Design Connection can design all types of connections in minutes, providing precise checks according to various codes of practice, results of strength, stiffness and buckling analysis. With a perfect interoperability with Graitec products, including the export of nodal force data and connection design, Advance Design Connection will complement and extend the existing Graitec portfolio of applications for the steel industry and engineers involved in structural steel projects.
“IDEA StatiCa applications are focused on structural design of steel joints and concrete members and associated details. We have no ambition to develop our own CAE solution for the Structural industry. Instead, we are focusing our efforts on creating robust BIM links to a wide range of design software, enabling structural engineers to become more productive and enhance their existing workflows using our powerful structural design technology.
Our collaboration with GRAITEC is representative of our aim to provide complementary technology to our key partners, with a joint outcome of providing unique offerings to the engineering segment”, explains Lubomir Sabatka and Jaroslav Navratil, CEO and CTO of IDEA StatiCa.
Example of a steel joint in Advance Steel which can be easily exported to Advance Design Connection for a complete code-check, including a thorough report and schemes of drawings:
“In recent years, we have been investing heavily into our CAE package Advance Design. This means improving its functionality as well as interoperability with the most widespread BIM solutions like Autodesk Revit.
Cooperation with IDEA StatiCa is another step in our drive toward offering best in class solutions for structural engineers and fabricators. Powered with IDEA StatiCa technology, Advance Design now offers an unrivaled structural analysis and design solution for professionals requiring high performance and best-in-class BIM workflow behavior”, says Manuel Liedot, CEO at GRAITEC.
The BETA version of Advance Design Connection was released during Advance Steel academy in San Antonio in March of this year. The first commercial version is released with the Advance Design 2018 portfolio, having BIM links to Graitec Advance Design, Autodesk Advance Steel, Autodesk Revit Structure and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. More BIM links will be added in the future.
Michael Gustafson, Industry Strategy Manager at Autodesk, adds: “We are happy to see such a unique cooperation between two Autodesk technology partners (i.e. AEC Solution Associates). Their partnership aligns with Autodesk’s vision to deliver Connected BIM workflows for the structural steel industry.