Global User Day 2021 – Speakers

A great lineup of IDEA StatiCa managers, employees, customers and partners have came to share their actionable insights, data-driven knowledge, and innovative ideas from the structural engineering industry.


Lubomir Sabatka

IDEA StatiCa

Lubomir is one of the pioneers of using CAE methods in structural analysis worldwide. With his team, he has been developing tools for this industry for over 30 years – Esa Prima Win, SCIA Engineer, etc. In 2009, he shifted his focus to the design of structural members, the use of cloud technology, and BIM adoption. He aims to fill in missing pieces in the global workflow of structural engineers and fabricators.

Prof. Frantisek Wald

Research Group Leader
Czech Technical University in Prague

Frantisek Wald works at Czech Technical University in Prague as Professor and Head of the Department of steel and timber structures. In his professional life, he concentrates on the connection and fire design of steel structures.

In structural steel connection design, Prof. Wald prepared the component model for column bases and the component-based finite element model of joints. He works in ECCS TC 10 Structural joints and in the Project team for the preparation of EN1993-1-8:2020.

Viktor Chatzinikolis

Associate Director
Swanton Consulting

Viktor is an experienced Structural Engineer with a track record of working with varied building materials in challenging environments. He provides structural and construction engineering expertise to infrastructure schemes, commercial buildings, and resort developments from the concept stage up to delivery. Specialized in earthquake and construction engineering, including the application of advanced numerical methods and digital design of structural elements and non-typical joints. Viktor introduced IDEA StatiCa into the software portfolio of Swanton and is continuously overseeing the implementation of various improvements in the workflow of the engineering and detailing process

Zoltan Kolumban

Senior Engineer
Swanton Consulting

Zoltan is responsible for managing the design process of some of the high-profile Central London projects of the company and is one of Swanton’s IDEA StatiCa pioneers. He was instrumental in successfully implementing the usage of the software into the day-to-day life of the company. With a professional experience anchored in steel design of structures of various types and sizes, including connection design from typical to highly intricate, he provides advice and in-house training for all engineers about connection design generally and usage of IDEA StatiCa specifically.

Vojtech Skrob

Structural Engineer
Hitachi Energy

Vojtech graduated from VUT FAST (University of Technology – Civil Engineering) in Brno CZ in 2010 in the field of structural mechanics.

Currently, he is working in Hitachi Energy (feeder factory in Brno) as a steel engineer providing design and analysis of steel structures supporting high voltage gas-insulated switchgears located worldwide.

Juraj Sabatka

IDEA StatiCa

Juraj is a big enthusiast of technology and entrepreneurship. After years in corporate banking, he joined IDEA to mix his business skills with unique Czech technology. He has an academic background from three continents – Prague University of Economics, Harvard University, and Singapore Management University. He continues to educate himself in behavioral economics.