Patent of IDEA StatiCa

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IDEA StatiCa, the world-leading software for analysis and design of steel connections and concrete members, is now patented.

Christmas time is a time of presents. The team at IDEA StatiCa, our cooperating universities, and users around the world just got one. Our unique approach to connection design was recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. After almost six years since we initiated a process to protect our intellectual property, the connection design of IDEA StatiCa is patented.

Structural engineering has always been an industry pioneering new technologies. It was the first one to widely adopt finite element analysis, for example. Structural engineers around the world use FEA-based software to analyze and design buildings and structures of all types. However, the application of FEA is limited to the overall analysis of the structure, the global analytical model. It has been over 10 years since the moment when our CEO Lubomir Sabatka and professor Frantisek Wald from Czech Technical University in Prague discussed for the first time an idea to use FEA for steel connection design. And changed the game.

Validation of failure mode of CBFEM on the extended end plate joints with haunch E1-TS-F-C2

Fast-forward to November 2020, after years of research and development,  IDEA StatiCa's unique approach to connection design is patented. All of 4200 IDEA StatiCa customers worldwide took a leap of faith when migrating to our solution from their previous tech. A change towards safer, quicker, and more precise designs. This is another proof that they were right. 

Read more and download the patent text here.