New templates of bridge diaphragms

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Thanks to our new templates implemented in IDEA StatiCa Detail version 10.0, you can now create commonly used bridge diaphragms in a much faster way.

You can use 4 new topologies of bridge diaphragms – box girder diaphragm, multi-cell box girder diaphragm, indirectly supported double tee bridge or directly supported double tee bridge. These templates contain loads in the form of shear and torsion from the permanent and variable load cases, which are transferred through the walls of the box girder cross-section.

You can also edit the geometry of the member, define opening, rebars, etc.

As for any other member, you can run all necessary analyses and code-checks at the end.

Watch the demo to this new feature:

Check this new feature in the latest IDEA StatiCa version 10.0. If you have never tried the software, give it a go for 2 weeks for FREE. For customers with maintenance, just download the latest version here.