New IDEA StatiCa version 10.1 is live

We are happy to announce release of the brand-new version IDEA StatiCa 10.1 This version brings an exceptional volume of new features and improvements with the focus to enable engineers to work faster, evaluate the requirements of the national code thoroughly and use the optimal amount of material.

It does not matter if you focus on steel or concrete structures or if your main goal is a quick and flexible workflow, we have plenty of new enhancements for everybody.

The best way to start is by letting you know where you can download the new version 10.1.

To enable your smooth start with the new version we prepared a full set of tools and activities which you should not miss.


First of all, we suggest you join our product release webinar on September 19, 2019, where our Product Engineers will get you into all the new enhancements.

Release notes

Do not miss our full product release notes as well with a detailed description of new features and improvements:

Please take your time and read carefully installation and licensing instructions to avoid any issues.

BIM links and integrations

A lot of effort has been put to improve BIM procedures and workflows. Version 10.1 brings fine-tuned compatibility with 18 applications.

And we did not stop by that – we re-worked the IDEA Open Model (IOM) interface. This public API can be used for creating a link between IDEA StatiCa and any FEA or CAD software. We have placed all information such as repositories and IOM-examples at GitHub community.

Have you ever needed your colleague to export a connection from your CAD software but IDEA StatiCa license was not on his machine?

Now he can get FREE plugins to export from Tekla Structures, Advance Steel and Revit.

Moreover, all detailers without IDEA StatiCa license can export a connection to the IDEA StatiCa Viewer and send the .ideacon file to the structural engineer.

IDEA StatiCa Member

There are many great tools for global analysis of steel structures covering most requirements of structural steel designers. But all share two blindspots – connection design and stability and buckling.

IDEA StatiCa now offers a solution for both issues – IDEA StatiCa Connection for checking connections of any topology and a brand-new BETA application IDEA StatiCa Member for solving stability and buckling of steel members.

Get more information about this application on our IDEA StatiCa Steel page and get all the necessary support to start with it in our Support Center.

IDEA StatiCa Viewer

One of our main goals is to enable a smooth workflow for engineers and detailers without an IDEA StatiCa license.

Thanks to the improved IDEA StatiCa Viewer online application allows all detailers without IDEA StatiCa license to export a connection to the Project Viewer and send the .ideacon file to the structural engineer.

Surprised by the amount of all our new features and improvements?

The best is to put IDEA StatiCa to the test on yourself:  Start your FREE trial and enjoy 14 days of the full version!