IDEA StatiCa Viewer scoring great at Tekla Developer Awards 2019

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IDEA StatiCa Viewer plugin for Tekla Structures was one of the 24 applications applying for the Tekla Developer Awards 2019. Despite the fact, we did not win, being named as one of the four best applications is a great success!

December announcement of Tekla Developer Awards 2019 made us really happy, despite the fact, we were not announced as the winner of this competition. It looks like there was a hot competition with four highest voted applications that in the end received an almost equal number of votes. And we are really happy about IDEA StatiCa Viewer for Tekla Structures plugin was one of them.

First of all, we congratulate to the winner: BIMcollab BCF Manager for Tekla Structures

But just a few votes behind ended up our IDEA StatiCa Viewer plugin.

This plugin allows any user of Tekla Structures to export any steel connection and visualize it in a cloud Viewer - topology, bill of material, DWG, etc. This empowers any detailer or engineer facing a difficult connection to transform it into a shareable file with all the data and get it to a person that can handle the code-check of the connection.

We would like to thank all voters and supporters. This result means a big commitment for us to do our best to bring you further new applications and plugins so we can win next time!

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