IDEA StatiCa begins its journey working with the BCSA

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At the start of 2020, IDEA StatiCa was proud to officially become an industry member of the BCSA, therefore being listed as one of the principal companies involved in the direct supply of computer software to the UK Structural Steel sector.

IDEA StatiCa visions this as a big step forward, that will allow us to strengthen our cooperation with other industry members, and emphasize our commitment and role as a reliable supplier of software solutions to this sector.

What does the BCSA do? 

The British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) has been representing the UK and Irish Structural Steel sector for over a century. It is a focal point at a local, national and international level for the steel construction industry, acting as its representative body and central management services organization.

What software does IDEA StatiCa provide for the Structural Steel sector?

IDEA StatiCa software holds a breakthrough technology that is completely dedicated to structural design and the code-checking of steel joints and beams. It allows you to safely design any joint topology almost instantly, certainly at a fraction of the time when compared to all of the traditional methods.

IDEA StatiCa software has revolutionized the way that engineers design steel connections in the 21st century.  Already adopted by all of the top 10 steel fabricators in the UK and many of the largest structural consulting firms, it is increasingly becoming the benchmark in connection design, even on a global scale.

 How do IDEA StatiCa and the BCSA work together? 

 Firstly, it is important to note that the BCSA has the following principal objectives:

  • Promotes the interests of the industry and the use of steel in construction
  • Provides members with professional advice
  • Provides members with opportunities to meet and discuss matters of common interest
  • Promotes the capabilities and expertise of the industry to specifiers, clients, contractors,
  • educational establishments and the press
  • Helps specifiers and clients achieve cost-effective solutions through technical excellence
  • Organises seminars and courses
  • Publishes technical publications
  • Represents members’ interests to government, local government, public bodies and professional institutions

With these principal objectives in mind, IDEA StatiCa works with and alongside the BCSA to confirm that all of the required industry standards are met as an accredited and reliable supplier of structural analysis & design software.

To add to this, there is a large focus placed on having meetings to discuss, demonstrate and thoroughly explain the theory/theories behind IDEA StatiCa’s software solution, ensuring features and workflows are fully understood by those representing the BCSA. 

Being an industry member of the BCSA, as we continue to enhance our software solution and its capabilities going forwards, it’s now a priority of ours to keep these sorts of activities ongoing with the BCSA. Therefore always making sure the UK Structural Steel sector receives the best version of IDEA StatiCa, providing safe, efficient and reliable results for the user.

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How can you join the community?

Switching from the legacy tools for connection design to IDEA StatiCa is a big step. Productivity benefits come with the need to learn and understand a different approach. That is why we have created a self-paced online course in our Campus e-learning course – “Become an expert on IDEA StatiCa Connection”. It contains Everything you need to know about IDEA StatiCa Connection in one single comprehensive course. It is intended for all structural engineers and connection designers who wish to understand the principles of IDEA StatiCa and become immediately productive. 

Furthermore, together with BCSA, we plan to continue educating the structural engineering public through various webinars and workshops. Stay tuned for further updates on that, and how you can join these events.

FREE sample course modules and more information on the link below. 

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