Ease your life with the cross-section library

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Having a vast amount of possibilities is a great thing for users but then it is not always easy to manage them and find the appropriate ones quickly. And that's exactly what happened to our cross-section library - the time has come to tidy it up and ease your way through.

IDEA StatiCa Steel users can enjoy the luxury of choice of more than one thousand items based on eight design codes in the cross-section library. Just mind, every code provides some typical rolled, welded or cold-formed sections, various shapes and materials. And we fully understand that scrolling through the library to find the right one might be "a bit time-consuming", especially when doing a repetitive job. That's why we bring you some new improvements in the cross-section library to speed up your connection design process. 

Regional-based item order in the cross-section library

IDEA StatiCa automatically reorganizes the order of cross-section items based on the design code selected when launching IDEA StatiCa Connection for the first time. Thanks to this feature, e.g., engineers from the USA using AISC code will have the AISC relevant cross-sections in the first rows of the library. These settings can be set by all users individually across the organization to speed up the work of every engineer. The application will remember your choice.

Still, it might happen you will need to change these settings, e.g. you will occasionally design a project in Eurocode instead of AISC. In such a case, use the "Reset settings to default" option in the Windows Start menu. The next time you start IDEA StatiCa, you will be able to set your new preferences. 

Reset settings to default

Cross-section library favorites

From version 20, you can easily mark the desired cross-section family as a favorite one and let it get listed separately from the rest of the database. This feature speeds up your design process significantly.

Both these features were introduced for the IDEA StatiCa version 20 and are available for the Expert and Enhanced version of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

To see more new features and improvements, you can watch the recording of the new product release webinar: