Dispersed reinforcement speeds up your concrete calculations

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Dispersed reinforcement for walls is one of the new features introduced in the new IDEA StatiCa version 10.1. Especially for members with dense reinforcement or for large models, it brings a significant decrease in the calculation time.

This feature is available in the IDEA StatiCa Detail application and can be used for a wire-fabric reinforcement. It recalculates the reinforcement area in the section to an equivalent rectangle. Based on our experiments and tests, this improvement speeds up the total calculation time by up to 20%.

The area of the reinforcement in the section is the same for both the model with dispersed reinforcement and without it. Due to the recalculated area of the reinforcement into an equivalent rectangle, the model with dispersed reinforcement has a lower moment of inertia, therefore the stress in the reinforcement is higher and the model gets more flexible in bending.

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