BIM workflow with SCIA Engineer

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In this article and video, we will demonstrate the link between SCIA Engineer and IDEA StatiCa Connection. This BIM link allows you a fast and seamless transfer of steel connection between the two software.

The whole workflow starts in SCIA Engineer where you run the analysis of our global model so that all the internal forces are calculated. Once this analysis is finished, you can import all the necessary data through the BIM plugin in the Steel module in just a few clicks. Geometry and all the load forces for all defined joints and connections are imported to IDEA StatiCa Connection where you can run all required analysis and code-checks.

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to speed up your design and analysis process.

There is no reason to mourn if you do not use SCIA Engineer. We have plenty of BIM links and integrations for both CAD and CAE software up and running to help you streamline and speed up your workflows and analysis.

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