Design and code check of a diaphragm using IDEA StatiCa Detail

Diaphragms are important D-regions in the bridge structures, which are carrying effects of all loads by torsion, shear, and flexure through the bearings to the piers or directly to the substructure. Due to that fact it is necessary to keep bigger attention to its design and analysis.

The topology of compression struts and tensile areas are influenced by many factors as the rate of concrete plasticity, tension stiffening effect, size of the bearings, type of loads etc.

The webinar will be focused on the design, reinforcement, and code-check of a box diaphragm which is part of a continues bridge with the spans 40, 45 and 40 meters. Using non-linear analysis and the effect of tension stiffening we can also check the serviceability limit state, which was impossible in strut and tie method.

On Thursday, November 15th, we run two same sessions: the first at 11:00 CET (Amsterdam time), followed by another one at 1:00 PM EDT (New York time). Register below for both and join the session that fits your day.

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Join the webinar and learn about:

  • How to add the effect of longitudinal prestressed tendons
  • How to arrange the transverse prestressing
  • How to input the shear stress flow from the vehicle loads
  • How does fixed bearing influence the topology of compression struts and tensile areas
  • How to interpret the results
  • How to work in IDEA StatiCa Detail


Petra Komarkova
Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa

Orsolya Kartali
Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa