Where to download installation files

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Do you want to download the installation setup and install IDEA StatiCa on your computer? Find the downloads page links below.

Download the installation setup

To use the IDEA StatiCa software package (applications Connection, Member, Detail, Checkbot, etc.), you need to download and install the program setup from the downloads landing page on our website.
Here you can download the three latest versions of IDEA StatiCa.

Next to the program installation, you also need a valid license to run the desired applications. You can either purchase a lifetime or subscription license – request your price quote or apply for a free trial license that is valid for two weeks.

If you are looking for the old setup, including the obsolete applications (Frame, Column, etc.), please redirect to this release notes 21.1 article.

Download the free Viewer plugins

Besides the main installation package, you can separately download and install the Viewer plugins from the plugin download page to export steel connections from your CAD programs (Tekla Structures, Advance Steel, and Revit) into the online IDEA StatiCa Viewer.

You don't need any license for the Viewer plugins, it's free.