New BimApi workflow

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The BIM links are one of the most powerful abilities of the IDEA StatiCa environment. In every new version, we are closer to seamless and errorless communication with the 3rd party applications. In version IDEA StatiCa 22.1, the step is bigger than it could look at first glance.

Our developers changed the way how we bring information from other structural analysis software to our Checkbot app. Until version IDEA StatiCa 22.1, it was quite a different story for every vendor's app we tried to communicate with. It meant, that anybody willing to build and use the IDEA BIM link had to understand the whole process and there was a big space for bugs and errors.

From version IDEA StatiCa 22.1 we use a tool called BimApi. That's the only part of the BIM communication process that the vendor's developers have to understand and adjust their part of the code to. 

Enhancements for better BIM interconnections:

  • Faster integration (single click)
  • Better cross-section recognition
  • Progress bar for imports

Messaging for links converted to BimApi

  • Import or sync progress shown for three stages (waiting for 3rd party app, reading IOM, generating connections)
  • Option to cancel the import
  • SAF, SCIA, RFEM5, RSTAB8, STAAD.Pro, Tekla Structures

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

Download and try features of IDEA StatiCa 22.1


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