Licensing changes as of December 8, 2023

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We want to announce upcoming changes in how the licensing of IDEA StatiCa products works.

Three years ago, as of the release of version 20.0, we introduced our new licensing of our desktop and cloud applications. Unfortunately, the provider of our licensing solution did not deliver the level of service they initially promised, causing licenses sometimes not to function in the manner we expected or requested. This is unacceptable to us, and we apologize for any inconvenience you might have suffered.

As of December 8, 2023, we are delighted to introduce our new in-house licensing system based on AWS Cognito. It has been operational alongside the old system for the last 12 months, and we will be discontinuing the old licensing system on the mentioned date.

What does this mean for you? 

The change of licensing system does not affect you as long as you have the latest patches of the respective versions installed. Kindly check your installations and download the latest setups. 

For all newer versions of IDEA StatiCa, you can find the latest version here.

IDEA StatiCa version 20.1

The new licensing system no longer supports IDEA StatiCa versions 20.1 and older. That means you cannot launch them after December 8, 2023. If you still have ongoing projects in version 20 and older, kindly migrate them to the newer version as soon as possible. 

All the changes in IDEA StatiCa between versions are explained in this article