Class 4 cross-sections: slender member plates in Member application

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The IDEA StatiCa Member application has been developed for the assessment of hot-rolled members mainly. The following remarks about class 4 members are for experienced engineers only.
  • For thin-walled members, only geometrically nonlinear analysis with imperfections is suitable.
  • If members are class 4, local imperfections of plates should also be applied. The panel imperfection amplitude should be a / 200, where a is the shorter panel span according to EN 1993-1-5, Cl. C.5.
  • For members with cross-section class 4, more buckling mode shapes must be considered, and a combination of at least two buckling modes must be used. 
  • Especially for a model with more analyzed members, several buckling mode shapes have to be selected.
  • For more, please also check our verification examples.

Influence of imperfections on the numerical analysis of slender plates:

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