Black rectangles in report

Some users encounter black rectangles/areas when generating the report in Connection or in the exported PDF, usually over images. The following steps may help resolve the problem in the report connected to the graphic card.

The black rectangles may appear in the Report directly or in the exported PDF version.

Report with black rectangles

Changing the preferences

To resolve the problem, try these two options under Preferences - 3D presentation:

  1. Check in/out the Use hardware acceleration checkbox
  2. Check in the Mode for incompatible graphics adapters checkbox
Set the preferences of 3D presentation

Apply the changes in preferences and try to regenerate the report.

Also, please check that you use the latest patch of IDEA StatiCa and also your hardware fulfills the System requirements for IDEA StatiCa.

Other options

Another step is to check the drivers for your graphic card and update them to the latest version.

In case nothing helps, please submit the issue by creating a support case in your User Portal. Always attach the problematic file and a description of the reported issue. We will also need detailed info about the software and hardware you are using - you can, e.g., follow the steps described in the Use the System Information App for Hardware and Software Environment Details part of the How to Get Detailed Information About Your PC

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