Dear Users,

new version of IDEA StatiCa Connection 8.2 is out there for over 1000 customers worldwide and the new IDEA StatiCa Detail application already has its first owners. Now, you can familiarize with the new features of both of them during our upcoming webinars!

IDEA StatiCa Connection Version 8.2 contains many new features to make your work easier and more straight-forward, such as a brand new report, intermittent and partial welds, general anchoring, slotted bolt holes, edge-to-edge / edge-to-plate contacts and welds, and much more…

During the webinar about the new IDEA StatiCa Detail, you can have a look at well-arranged results for any detail of your concrete structure, new templates, topology optimization, anchorage of reinforcement and much more…

Join our upcoming webinars!

What is new in IDEA StatiCa 8.2 for Steel                              What is new in IDEA StatiCa 8.2 for Concrete



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