Who is behind IDEA StatiCa?

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It is good to know who is actually responsible for the software you use every day. Let’s find out!

IDEA StatiCa develops software for structural engineers. That is a long journey. Firstly it means we research, test, and apply new methods of analyzing the behavior of structures. Secondly, we shape all that technology into simple engineering applications which have to be reliable, fast, and accurate. For us, creating software is a way to contribute to making every new structure around the world safer and cheaper.  

Management Team

IDEA StatiCa is a company established in the Czech Republic; it is family-owned and run by four managers:

Juraj Sabatka

Juraj is a big enthusiast of technology and entrepreneurship. After years in corporate banking, he joined IDEA to mix his business skills with unique Czech technology. He has an academic background from three continents – Prague University of Economics, Harvard University, and Singapore Management University. He continues to educate himself in behavioral economics.

Vojtech Chalupa

After gaining a valuable 10 years of hands-on experience in the construction industry working on on-site material testing, structural steel and timber engineering, and project management, Vojtech joined IDEA StatiCa as Product Owner of our BIM department. He uses his experience obtained during all aspects of his career to understand deeply our customers’ needs and ensure that we align the whole product development team behind this passion, which is to enable our users to unleash their creative potential without compromising their safety or productivity.

Lukas Manasek

Lukas is no stranger to IDEA StatiCa and has been cooperating with us since 2016 as an external consultant. Not only did he help us to put together our go-to-market strategy and watch us as we entered new regions and markets in our sales network, as our CSO, he also brings with him his love of implementing new strategic goals for specific markets and extensive experience in sales leadership.

Martin Jansa

Martin is an experienced leader in software development for both desktop and cloud applications with 15 years of practice in the desktop security industry. He is a big fan of Agile development and is focused to maximize the value of the products provided to customers in minimal time.

IDEA StatiCa Benelux

Klara Thiel

Managing Director

Klara is a fan of new technologies and software. She has experience from a design office focused on steel and bridges, and extensive experience in business. She has been with IDEA StatiCa since 2018, where she was responsible for the Czech and Slovak market as a Consultant. Since 2021 she has been working in the Netherlands.

IDEA StatiCa CZ & SK

Jan Valicek

Managing Director

After graduating at Brno University of Technology, Jan worked  9 years as a structural engineer in Czech Republic and United Kingdom. During his structural engineering career, he participated on multiple award-winning projects. He joined the team in 2018 as a Consultant for Czech republic and Slovakia. Since 2022 he manages the operations in the home territory of IDEA StatiCa.

IDEA StatiCa Deutschland GmbH

Helmut Wrede

Managing Director

Helmut studied mechanical engineering at the University of Paderborn and mechanics at the TU Darmstadt. As an engineer, he gained a lot of experience in the support of structural engineering software in his professional career. He now acts as a managing director of IDEA StatiCa Deutschland GmbH.

IDEA StatiCa Deutschland GmbH

Aleksandar Mladenov

Managing Director

Aleks graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Applied Sciences in Wuppertal. He is passionate about IT and software. He built a successful business around SCIA Engineer. Since 2021 he has been the managing director of IDEA StatiCa Deutschland GmbH

Development Team

IDEA StatiCa is not about one person; it is an ecosystem of professionals. Creating software for structural engineers is highly specific because you need to mix coding, structural engineering, and advanced numerical methods. That is why we built up a team of over 60 people and an extensive network of collaborating experts and companies”, says Lubomir Sabatka.

And yes, there is some rocket science there. Head of our Solver team, Jaromir Kabelac, used to model and calculate the lifecycle behavior of wings of airplanes. With his colleagues at IDEA StatiCa, he applies the finite-element method to the most demanding calculation challenges of structural engineering.    

Get to know the team better

You can read about more colleagues on the About us page or connect with us through our LinkedIn and Facebook. We put a log effort into the continuous education of everybody involved in IDEA StatiCa, discover your closest authorized reseller here. It is hard to catch up live these days, so meet us at one of our upcoming Webinars