Here at IDEA StatiCa, we are always trying to verify our software against other established methods. That is why our Technical Manager at IDEA StatiCa UK, Costis Hatzopoulos, took a look into a truss joint design with open sections based on the article on the same topic published in New Steel Construction magazine in January 2020 by David Brown, Associate Director at the SCI.

While the topology of such joint is quite common, the drawback lies in the correct application of the code provisions for its calculation.

The original article published in News Steel Construction demonstrates the detailed way of design and calculation of a  truss joint design with open sections. The only difference between hand calculation and using IDEA StatiCa is that software does not require disruption of standard workflows or make any tough decisions to model and design these configurations. It can be modeled in minutes and provide expected and reliable results.

Read the full article Truss joint design with open sections and remember Costis’s words: “Connection design does not need to be frustrating!

And what about your experience? Have you ever tried to compare your IDEA StatiCa results with hand calculations or advanced Excel sheets? Share your findings with us, we are excited to hear about that.

And, if you want to see in real the comparison of IDEA StatiCa and hand calculation using Excel, join our webinar on February 26, 2020, where our product engineers will run such test live. If the time does not suit you, don’t worry, you can watch the webinar recording anytime afterward on the same link.