The State of IDEA StatiCa 2023

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Welcome to 2023, and all the best (not just) to structural engineers!

Another year behind us, here is an update about the status of IDEA StatiCa. The company has evolved incredibly. From a start-up to a solution changing how structural engineers work. Worldwide, for the better (hopefully). Highlights from 2022:

  • 12.8 mil. EUR end-sales (20% growth year-on-year)
  • 987 new customers
  • 27,500 commercial license users
  • 1.2% of our operational costs spent on direct financial support to Ukraine

We are a software company; there is very few physical assets involved, it is all about the people. And in 2022, we succeeded in getting incredible people on board. This is our new Leadership team as of Jan 1st:

New leadership team of IDEA StatiCa 2023

We have also formed the Supervisory board where you find my father, our former CEO and product guru Lubomir Sabatka. IDEA StatiCa remains fully privately owned (the Sabatka family), with zero debt, and incorporated in the Czech Republic.

How do we see 2023 for the world as a whole?

  • Global economy – there will be a mild recession. However, unemployment will remain low. Regions/countries not dependent on Russian carbohydrates will do better
  • Ukraine-Russia war – Ukraine continues to liberate (hopefully significant) parts of the occupied territories, but the conflict drags on to 2024
  • China – big problems in the health system and the real-estate sector
  • India – it will become the most populous country in the world

How do we see the structural engineering industry? Five more questions for every engineer:

  • Are your projects getting simpler?
  • Is material getting cheaper?
  • Are the deadlines getting longer? 
  • Is there a wave of new graduate engineers you can hire?
  • Can you avoid the pressure to save carbon in new projects?

That seems like five NOs. We believe the way structural engineers work will change dramatically over the next years. And the key factor will be new technology that will overcome those "five NOs". All CAD and FEA software vendors will have to do their bit. And you can bet that we will do ours regarding the structural design of steel connections, concrete details, and critical members.

There are currently 85 people working for IDEA StatiCa in five offices and around 35 resellers around the world. Lots of users, lots of licenses. Many people would be thinking about selling the company, we are thinking about the next level of what we can do. We now have the unique chance to build IDEA StatiCa into a global company that will influence how structures are designed worldwide.

To do this, we need the best people in all parts of our ecosystem. So, are you one of the following?

  • An excited user of IDEA StatiCa -> we will be formalizing our Customer Advisory Board this year, if you want to work with us on product development, just send a message to Vojtech
  • A professional looking for work -> we are hiring across the majority of our teams. We need Software Engineers, Product Engineers, Customer Care, and Sales professionals. Check all the positions here -
  • A reseller – there are still countries/segments where we do not have a strong local reseller.
  • An FEA vendor – if you are a vendor of software for structural analysis and you are not linked to IDEA StatiCa, just message me. Here is everybody who has already done it –

Looking forward to another year when we calculate yesterday's estimates!

Best regards,

Juraj Sabatka