Shifting strategies & roles for structural analysis software

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Pawel Piechnik, Structural Product Line Manager at Autodesk, took a very interesting look into the bright future of structural analysis on Autodesk Revit blog. And we have to say, most of his thoughts fully resonate with ours, so we happily share it with you.

We can see an obvious shift in the work and responsibilities of structural engineers. Partially it is driven by new technologies that are more and more opened to integrations (BIM). Not just that, but the conservative world of structural analysis has to untie itself and open more for new innovative analysis and computing methods. This goes hand in hand with the call for larger collaboration between engineers and other roles involved in projects, such as architects or detailers.

Software producers have to follow these trends and align their technologies to match these new requirements.

We, at IDEA StatiCa, are really proud to be the leader in this shift. Our integrations (BIM links) either with Autodesk tools, such as Advance Steel, Revit, Robot or with more than 20 software of other producers, are the cornerstone of our activities and focus nowadays. Our CBFEM for steel connection design and CSFM for concrete analysis are both striving to unleash the potential of innovative computing methods.

Read the full blog post of Pawel Piechnik on the Autodesk Revit blog.