New opportunities opening for IDEA StatiCa in Russia

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Russian regions are those of very high interest for IDEA StatiCa. There have been multiple activities running on in last days to support our products on this competitive market.

Russian code SP 16 implemented

As you already might notice in one of our latest blog posts, the Russian steel design code SP 16 has been implemented for steel-to-steel joints into the new IDEA StatiCa Connection version 10.0. Besides that, you can find multiple elements typical in this region in our library.

These activities are a door-opener to many potential customers in this market. In the close cooperation with our exclusive sales and service partner for the region – NIP-Informatica, several further activities started to help succeed with IDEA StatiCa in Russia.

New state certification for CBFEM

Thanks to the sustained activity of NIP-Informatica the CBFEM methodology has been recognized and approved by the Russian state expert body and NIP Informatica now obtained the certificate confirming the pass of the method and calculation tests. The presence of the certificate allows the use of IDEA StatiCa in Russian design projects and to pass State Expertise requirements with calculations performed in IDEA StatiCa.

IDEA StatiCa workshop in St. Petersburg

About 60 engineering professionals from 25 companies attended a seminar organized by NIP-Informatica in St. Petersburg at the end of June. Except for the two above mentioned topics, the attendees appreciated several presentations and practical demonstrations of the software:

  • Comparison between SP, EN and AISC design codes in the part of connection design
  • Use of IDEA StatiCa in projects with high seismicity
  • Allowable plastic strains in steel structures

The presentations were followed by a lively discussion.

The seminar provided the opportunity of sharing experience, networking, and discussing comprehensive issues in connection design.

You can watch the short video from the conference (in Russian):