Innovative look at steel construction design in Krakow

The 5th edition of the Innovative Look at Detail Design in Steel Structures conference was held on December 5, 2019,  in Krakow, and completed this year's series of meetings with engineers.

Lectures of professors and teachers from leading Polish technical universities met with great interest from listeners. It was our pleasure to join this event with our IDEA StatiCa squad. Moreover, in front of the house full of professionals – over 100 structural engineers and designers who found their way to hotel Mercure in Krakow.

Our goal was obviously to bring some more details about CBFEM analysis and this way contributed to the success of the event.

The theme of the first part of the event was a comparison of the dimensioning of connections in steel structures between PN-EN 1993-1-8 and numerical methods

In the second part of the event, our product team presented differences between the norm approach and the results obtained in IDEA StatiCa software based on the CBFEM analysis of steel connections.  And we should not forget about the verification of the calculations of welded connections obtained in numerical analysis programs in relation to laboratory tests.

Thanks to this series of events, we were able to talk to many Polish structural engineers about the day-to-day problems they face when designing steel connections. Thanks to this we spread the word about CBFEM, international case studies, future plans, and how innovative methods help users to check connections from steel and concrete.

So, big thanks go to our Polish friends and partners from JD Engineering for organizing this great series. Hope to see you all again in 2020!