IDEA StatiCa suspends delivery of its technology to Russian Federation and Belarus

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Years of building fruitful relationships with our partners and customers in the Russian Federation were brutally severed on February 24 by the barbaric Kremlin invasion into a free and independent Ukraine. We regret to inform you that we, with immediate effect, are suspending deliveries of IDEA StatiCa technology to Russian Federation and Belarus.

We are aware that this step will not stop the war itself and might affect people and entities which are not directly linked with the invasion. However, if this helps to raise awareness of the true face of the Kremlin, hold it accountable towards its own citizens and, as a result, at least postpone a moment when Russian aggressors kill an innocent man, woman, or child, it is worth it. We wish there will be millions of these moments.

We are deeply concerned about the hateful and deceitful rhetoric used by the Kremlin to justify its invasion of Ukraine - we have heard words that have no place in the civilized world of the 21st century. We encourage every citizen of the Russian Federation to make their own mind based on broader sources of data than just the state-controlled media.

Despite the different views we have on civil liberties and world order, there was and still is another way than war.