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We are happy to announce that IDEA StatiCa further expands its activities towards its customers in the Benelux. IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux B.V. was founded this October. A newly formed team will consist of people you already know as well as new ones.

Current maintenance and license contracts 

IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux has acquired all assets relating to IDEA StatiCa from MSc Engineering bv (Netherlands) and from Whitebox (Belgium, Luxembourg), taking over all the contractual liabilities and service level agreements. Also, the current team of MSc Engineering and Whitebox transitioned to IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux BV.  

All new license purchases, as well as maintenance renewals of MSc Engineering and Whitebox customers from the effective date, have to be done solely through IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux. For MSc Engineering bv customers in the Netherlands, it is Nov 15, 2020; for Whitebox customers in Belgium and Luxembourg, it is Jan 1, 2021. 

“We will make sure the transition from MSc Engineering to IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux will not affect the level of customer support we provide to engineers and fabricators. And we have exciting new projects planned to make it even better.”  

Emiel Peltenburg, IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux manager responsible for Netherlands. 

There is no change for customers who purchased IDEA StatiCa through our reseller SCIA nv. They will keep getting all the necessary sales and technical support through current SCIA channels. 

About IDEA StatiCa 

IDEA StatiCa is a leading international innovator in the field of structural analysis and design of structures. Our applications are desktop as well as cloud and enable structural engineers in more the 70 countries worldwide to accurately design structural members, which they had estimated before. IDEA StatiCa services over 300 companies in the BeNeLux at the moment. 

 “You probably know us from various info days, workshops and conferences. We want to further grow the IDEA StatiCa brand in the Benelux.”  

Jo Gijbels, IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux manager responsible for Belgium and Luxembourg 

IDEA StatiCa now has over 4,000 customers around the world who shared over 14,000 unique IDEA StatiCa projects in the last 3 months. IDEA StatiCa closely works with the academic sphere on the research level as well as to educate the students. The community of IDEA StatiCa users is hugely diverse, with launches on more than 48.000 unique PCs in the last 12 months.  

“Benelux is one of the trend-setting markets in structural engineering, and not just for Europe. That is why we want to invest more here, both in customer care as well as development capacity.”  

Juraj Sabatka, CSO&CFO of IDEA StatiCa, Director IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux 

Technical support 

Customers from Benelux will keep getting technical support from people they know and gradually meet some new faces too. We will also be rolling out a new Dutch and French content platform localized for our Benelux customers. 

„Over the last few years, we have built a lot of expertise from talking to our customers at our helpdesk. We love to solve project issues and challenges with engineers and will continue to do so.“  

Jan-Willem Verbaan, Product Engineer, IDEA StatiCa BeNeLux  

Until June 30, 2021, we will keep all the current support and contact channels. You can contact us either via the old contacts of MSc Engineering and Whitebox or use the new way: 

If you are not sure or want to ask something, just reach out to us: 

  • Emiel Peltenburg, phone: +31 681 18 94 26, LinkedIn 
  • Jo Gijbels, phone: +32 486 50 15 21, LinkedIn 
  • Jan Willem Verbaan, LinkedIn
  • Juraj Sabatka, phone: +420 725 078 287, LinkedIn

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