Export steel joints from NextFEM Designer to IDEA StatiCa

NextFEM Designer makes the export of the model to IDEA StatiCa available free of charge for the analysis of bolted or welded steel joints.

NextFEM Designer is a user-friendly Finite Element Analysis program, which can be used as a standalone or as a pre- or post-processor for several widely used FEM programs. NextFEM Designer can handle various types of models coming from other commercial software, such as OpenSees, SAP2000, OOFEM, ADAPTIC, Zeus-NL, Abaqus, CalculiX, Midas GEN.

Starting from the latest update of version 1.4, NextFEM Designer supports exporting the entire model to the IDEA StatiCa Connection, which allows the advanced design of steel joints, welded or bolted.

In this NextFEM Designer tutorial, you can see a practical example of calculation applied to a single-story industrial building.

Export of a steel connection from NextFEM to IDEA StatiCa

The custom made BIM link between NextFEM Designer and IDEA StatiCa is the perfect match for the design and verification of steel structures.

Do you need to connect your FEA or CAD software with IDEA StatiCa? To smooth out your workflows and processes, we re-worked the IDEA Open Model (IOM) interface from scratch to facilitate linking between IDEA StatiCa and any kind of third party software.