Chinese code for steel-to-steel joints

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We are constantly trying to spread our wings and open IDEA StatiCa for new territories. That’s why we implemented the Chinese steel design code (GB) for steel-to-steel joints alongside five other design standards in IDEA StatiCa Connection version 10.1.

Component bolts, preloaded bolts, and welds are checked according to GB 50017 including detailing. Detailing check for bolts and concrete block resistance check has been implemented too.

And, we did not stop by that. As for any other market, there are some typical steel grades, bolt grades, and cross-sections used in the Chinese region. We did not forget about them and you can find multiple elements in the library.

For now, IDEA StatiCa users can choose from Eurocode, AISC (US), CISC (Canada), AS Australia), SP (Russia), and GB (China).

New extensions to Russian code

The Russian steel design code was introduced already in version 10.0, now we have added some extensions to it. Code check of the concrete block resistance according to SP 63.13330.2012, Cl. 8.1.44 has been implemented.

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