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Coped beam

T-stub - prying forces

Eccentric loads on bolt groups

Bolts in combined tension and shear

Bolted splice connection

End plate shear connection

Welded beam to column moment connection

Shear block resistance

Bolts in slip-critical connection

Geometrically and materially nonlinear analysis with imperfections (GMNIA) of beams in bending

Circular hollow sections

Welded portal frame eaves moment connection

Column base – Hollow section column

Column base – Open section column in bending to strong axis

Column base – Open section column in compression

Prequalified joints for seismic applications

Bolted connection - Splices in shear

Bolted connection - T-stub in tension

End plate minor axis connection

Bolted connection - Interaction of shear and tension

Splices in shear in slip-resistant connection

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