Safe design of all steel members

Stability and buckling of frames, beams and columns. 2nd order analysis.

Solve the critical steel member

Connections are not the only pain-point when it comes to steel projects. Stability and buckling calculations are critical for safety but tools for the proper analysis are lacking. Use IDEA StatiCa Member to design and code-check the critical frame of your project (beams, columns, diagonals, etc.). Complete analysis with boundary conditions keeps you on the safe side.

Watch how to design a complex bridge segment

No more estimates of buckling lengths

Uncompromising analysis of members modeled by 2D shells with real connections, stiffeners, openings. Your projects deserve real simulation of structural behavior, including strut stability, buckling, torsion, and deplanation. Design any steel member with confidence!

Download sample design report

Leverage your FEA model

IDEA StatiCa Member is a part of your workflow. Perform global analysis in your FEA software and export the critical member to IDEA StatiCa using a built-in plugin. You can also combine it with connections exported from the analysis program to avoid duplicate work. Be save and save time!

Read the tutorial with SAP2000 workflow

IDEA StatiCa Steel for your every project

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