Technologies meet structural engineering on a new conference in Brno

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To what extent goes somehow conservative structural engineering together with progressive technologies? Answer to this question ran like a breadcrumb trail through most of the topics of the new conference “Structural Engineering & Technologies” held last week in Brno.

Over 150 experts from the field of structural engineering met at the Brno University of Technology on September 17-18 at the brand-new two-day conference, organized by IDEA StatiCa in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which is celebrating 120 years of its existence.

Structural Engineering and Technology Conference, Brno, 2019

The whole conference was organized in a very dynamic and interactive way. The first day consisted of presentations of four main speakers – Lubomír Šabatka, Director of IDEA StatiCa, Werner Lutz, Director of Software Development at HILTI, prof. František Wald from the Czech Technical University in Prague and Jaromír Kabeláč, an expert in analytical methods at IDEA StatiCa.

The topics of the individual lectures were then taken up by a six-member discussion panel composed of industry professionals and representatives of the academia. The panelists and the audience discussed the important values ​​and perceptions of the structural engineer's work and the impact of modern technology on it. All conference participants could also take part in interactive voting on their perception of the structural engineer’s social position, education, and workflows.

Each of the 4 topic tracks was then supplemented by short hands-on demonstrations of new technologies and applications that can help its users speed up and simplify some of the workflows.

On the second day of the conference, participants were offered the opportunity to watch interesting case studies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad, or try out the IDEA StatiCa applications directly in practical workshops. Among the interesting case studies, the Solar Power Plant project in Haixi, China, carried out by Allcons Industry, s.r.o. and also the project of the Slovak National Stadium in Bratislava presented by Ing. Repa from Stavokov took a lot of attention.

Some of the most interesting presentations will be published on our blog and social media. Follow our channels to get more information.

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