BuildSoft Diamonds and BIM Expert

BuildSoft Diamonds and BIM Expert


IDEA StatiCa works with your BuildSoft Diamonds application. You can send the complete 3D Diamonds calculation model with results to BIM Expert and you choose the IDEA StatiCa export plugin. In BIM Expert, you choose as many nodes as you like, from the 3D Diamonds model, to send to Idea StatiCa Connection. Idea StatiCa Connection opens automatically and you are ready to start detailing the nodes of your choice.

Linked applications: IDEA StatiCa Connection

On the side of BuildSoft Diamonds, the link is activated in the BIM Expert application. 

More information:

BuildSoft Diamonds and BIM Expert to IDEA StatiCa workflow

BuildSoft Diamonds and BIM Expert link video


BuildSoft Diamonds BIM link is developed and maintained by BuildSoft company as third-party integration. IDEA Statica does not take any responsibility for this integration. All technical requirements and questions have to be addressed to the developer.