Steel and Concrete repackaged: find your ideal match

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On July 1, 2023, we launched our repackaged Steel and Concrete product licensing system, making our pricelist even easier to navigate. Here, we explain how the product licenses work so you can choose the one that suits your needs best and take advantage of our modular approach to let your license to grow all the way up to Complete and Enterprise.

Meet the new Steel product license

The new Steel product license contains everything you need make your steel connection and member designs safe, fast, and optimized. Including both the Connection and Member apps, let’s take a look at how those apps work within that all-in-one package, and how they are engineered to take your steel projects to the next level.

Steel Connection app

The Connection app provides you with all the tools you need for the fast and efficient design of steel connections of every complexity. You can model and design any bolted and welded connections, and perform comprehensive AISC/EN and other code checks.

For fast connection design, you have the choice to either import your connections directly from your CAD or FEA software or select from a database of predesigned connections. You can then apply loading and receive code-based pass/fail checks and detailed reports, saving you up to 80% of your design time.

Steel Member app

The Member app’s advanced features let you perform accurate analysis and simulation of even the most complex members, ensuring that your projects are always completed with confidence. 

It allows you to design and code-check steel members of any geometry and loading, including critical frames such as beams, columns, and diagonals. Using the app, you can perform stability and buckling calculations without oversimplification and accurately simulate structural behavior. This enables you to carry out compromise-free analysis of members modeled by 3D shells with real connections, stiffeners, and openings.

The joints are classified according to rotational stiffness to rigid, semi-rigid, and pinned. The stiffness in the model should conform to the real joint stiffness. IDEA StatiCa - structural design of welded and bolted steel connections.

Choose from two Concrete products

The Concrete products are divided into two, Detail and Concrete. The Detail product is totally compliant with all US ACI concrete codes, as well as other global code checks, and permits the selection of imperial or metric units of measure. While the Concrete product is our all-in-one product, which includes everything you need.

The IDEA StatiCa Detail product license

The Detail product license is the perfect choice for anyone involved in the design and construction of concrete walls, members, and D-regions. It offers you a comprehensive range of features that ensure the safety and structural integrity of your designs. Its ability to check for nonlinear deflections means you can design and code-check any concrete wall or detail, regardless of its geometry or loading conditions.

This product gives you the ability to check nonlinear deflections as well as see real structural behavior. This is a crucial aspect of concrete design as it ensures that the structure can withstand any extreme conditions or loads it may be subjected to. Additionally, it provides ultimate limit state (ULS) checks for the strength of concrete reinforcement and anchoring and serviceability limit state (SLS) checks for crack width and stress limitation.

The IDEA StatiCa Concrete product license

The Concrete product license features all apps in the Concrete suite, providing a user-friendly and efficient solution for designing and analyzing various types of concrete structure. It also supplies you with a complete design report with all ULS and SLS checks for different concrete structures and shapes. This report is essential in helping you ensure your designs comply with all relevant building codes and standards.

This product includes a variety of design options for walls and bridges, cross-sections, and concrete members. For instance, you can use IDEA StatiCa Detail to accurately and safely design concrete walls, D-regions, or whole members, and IDEA StatiCa RCS to design and check a wide variety of concrete cross-sections. Additionally, you can analyze, design, and code-check concrete members of any geometry and loading using IDEA StatiCa Beam, IDEA StatiCa Member, and IDEA StatiCa Detail.

The IDEA StatiCa Complete product license

The IDEA StatiCa Complete product license is the powerful license of choice, letting you optimize your projects by getting your hands on our complete product portfolio. It is designed to solve all your steel and concrete pains and requirements and streamline your workflows. By giving you all the applications and functionalities you need for the quick and accurate design and code-checking of steel connections and concrete walls and details, you will be saving your valuable time, money, and reputation.

The IDEA StatiCa Enterprise product license

The IDEA StatiCa Enterprise product license is like IDEA StatiCa Complete on steroids! It not only provides you with the full product portfolio, but it also includes priority premium support and unlimited users. Plus, you can benefit from full global license mobility, enabling users to access the full Steel and Concrete portfolio from anywhere in the world. You can additionally leverage progressive discount tiers based on the number of license seats in your organization.

Technical support comes with priority SLAs for customers with 10 seats and above. In addition, customers with more than 10 seats can benefit from an automatic annual budget of free training hours for tailor-made personal training. Those customers who develop middleware between IDEA StatiCa and other applications can additionally benefit from Robot-based workflows, making IDEA StatiCa a call-upon-request service.

Leverage up-to-date maintenance and flexible licensing

With all of our product options, you are free to choose from perpetual licensing or subscription. Also, for any product licenses with full maintenance, you also enjoy the peace of mind that having access to the latest full-featured releases and expert support brings you.

BIM tools for everyone!

All product licenses include our BIM tools and supported CAD and FEA integrations, which can be used to extend and optimize both your steel and concrete workflows.

The Checkbot tool integrates with your CAD and FEA software to export and synchronize design data, helping to eliminate manual and repetitive work. In addition, colleagues without an IDEA StatiCa license can view projects in detail using the free cloud app, IDEA StatiCa Viewer, and detailers can also export without a license using our free dedicated CAD plugins.

The choice is yours

Whatever your needs and goals, we firmly believe there is a product license just for you. Plus, with our modular approach, you gain the ability to let your license grow as your needs do. And remember, you can take our complete software portfolio for a free 14-day trial so you can experience firsthand the benefits it brings you, no strings attached. So, what are you waiting for? Make today the day you start calculating yesterday’s estimates!

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