Connection Wednesdays – How to build a correct model

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  • 2019-11-13T00:00:00.0000000Z

Obsah webináře

  • Singularity and how to resolve it
  • Loads in equilibrium and unbalanced forces
  • Default member length
  • Verifications and credibility
  • Free Tekla Structures plugin


David Kučera
David Kučera Produktový inženýr
IDEA StatiCa
Jana Kaděrová
Jana Kaděrová Produktová inženýrka
IDEA StatiCa
As an engineer responsible for your calculations, you need to be sure about the correctness of your analysis models. Have you ever been in doubt about your models in IDEA StatiCa Connection? Have you sometimes asked yourself a question: Is this really correct?

In this webinar, we will explain more about the singularities and how to resolve them, we will investigate the Loads in equilibrium together with unbalanced forces tab and take look at its meaning and importance. We will also cover the member length topic. All of that demonstrated on real examples that we received through our support channel.

Customer project – singularities, equilibrium, member length

HelpDesk Highlights

In the second part of the webinar, we will uncover one of the biggest requests we’ve had from our customers – the possibility to export a joint from Tekla Structures without IDEA StatiCa installed on the same computer. And even better, we provide it all for free using our cloud application IDEA StatiCa Viewer.

Free plugin tool to export connections from Tekla Structures to IDEA StatiCa Connection via IDEA StatiCa Viewer

Webinar recording