The PB10 crane, Paris

France | Bysteel
The main project consists of the complete refurbishment and extension of the PB10 building located in La Défense (Paris).

The original building dates from 1980 and is a reinforced concrete structure. In order to enable the rebuild, temporary works were required to support 4No. tower cranes on site. One of the transfer structures had to be able to support a crane over 50 meters tall, with 9,550 kNm of overturning moment combined with 1,325 kN of vertical load at the base. 

This structure at the base of the cranes was then connected to deep permanent RC beams by means of an intricate steel-to-concrete joint connection, with several steel bars concurring to the same setting-out point. IDEA StatiCa Connection, along with Tekla Structures (from which the peculiar connection’s geometry was imported), were used, allowing the project to arrive at a reliable and precise solution.



Bysteel is a company specialized in the design/conception, production and assembly of metal structures and facade systems. Dettagli