Become a beta tester of IDEA StatiCa v22.0

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Are you an experienced structural engineer and user of IDEA StatiCa? Have you been using our application for more than one year? Now you have a unique chance to unhide secrets of the next version which will be officially released in a couple of weeks. Sign-up and become a Beta tester!

IDEA StatiCa v22.0 will be released in 2nd half of April and will bring plenty of new features and functions in Steel and Concrete.

The new version saves structural engineers time and enables them to optimize the material consumption of steel and concrete structures.

Would you like to try the new Connection Browser or check how we improved the modeling of members passing through a tubular section? If you are a structural engineer designing concrete, you will appreciate more detailed stress results and faster calculations

Now you have a chance to be among the first ones who will discover what is under the hood and see what will IDEA StatiCa bring you in its next version!

Share your expertise with us and put your fingerprint on our software. Register, sign-up, become a member of the Beta testing team.

How much time will it take? if you are selected, you will receive the installation setup. You can test the new features in 60 minutes and fill out a 3-min feedback form. 

Hurry up! The registrations end by March 16, 2022.