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Structural design of a prestressed I-section (EN)

Structural design of composite concrete section in RCS (EN)

Structural design of prestressed discontinuity regions

Structural design of a prestressed concrete saddle beam (EN)

RFEM BIM link for the structural concrete beam design (EN)

Moment of resistance of prestressed section - comparison of hand calculations and IDEA StatiCa

Shear at the interface between composite parts of a prestressed concrete section

Detail: Mesh refinement around openings and above supports

SLS checks of prestressed concrete discontinuity regions

Equivalent load due to prestress and prestressing losses

Combining pre- and post-tensioned tendons

Tendons out of the section

Vestigial resistance

How fast is it to learn IDEA StatiCa Prestressing?

How to design a prestressed beam with openings easily?

Reinforced or prestressed concrete beam?

IDEA StatiCa Concrete - Hot helpdesk topics

Summer Series – Best practice for designing of prestressed beams

Dealing with beam details

Prestressed highway concrete bridge

Prestressed concrete roof, Zbysov, Czech Republic