Educational license

We are happy to allow every student and professor to download a completely free of charge copy of IDEA StatiCa. This license can be installed on one PC and you may use it during a period of 12 months. You only need to complete the form below and the license will be delivered to you instantly via email.

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We would like to notify you about new versions of IDEA StatiCa, send invitations for webinars and workshops for structural engineers and share tips for effective design and code-check of structural members.

You can read about our privacy policy and your rights here.

What is the difference between academic and commercial license of IDEA StatiCa?
Educational licence has full design and computational capacity. However, there are “Educational” watermarks in the software, only export of the report to PDF is available and project created in educational version are not compatible with commercial version.
How can I renew my existing educational license with an extra year?
Educational license can be prolonged for another year, contact your closest IDEA StatiCa partner, the list is here.
What if I need a network license for university classroom or laboratory?
IDEA StatiCa can deliver special license configurations to any university and research/public institution. Contact your closest IDEA StatiCa partner to get an offer, the list is here.

Become a certified connection design professional

For those who want to master their analysis, design, and code-check skills of various steel connections for everyday engineering practice, we prepared an online course “Theory and practice of steel connection design using IDEA StatiCa“.

This course is a comprehensive training for all structural engineers and detailers involved in connection design. It will guide you from basic concepts and software commands to advanced techniques allowing you to exponentially increase your productivity in connection design.