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Welcome to the latest version of IDEA StatiCa. We’ve turned the volume all the way up to 23.0 to bring you super new features that help you to streamline your workflows, win back valuable time and money, and eliminate risk. And for those of you in the US, we have some significant updates... read on!

News for Steel

Speed, precision, and clarity are the order of the day for our Steel applications in IDEA StatiCa 23.0. For those of you looking for more transparency in your code check outputs, we have included more features and improvements to reports. As one example, not only can you see things such as eccentricities added due to the alignment of one plate to another, you can also see the load effects, whether they start at the beginning of the member or at the end. Plus, should you, in your excitement, accidently click the report tab, the report will not auto-generate, which is guaranteed to avoid some serious frustration! 

Did we mention AISC prequalification checks for seismic design? This allows you to already see limits in the 3D scene, remedy any problems in your models immediately with everything then clearly shown in check tables and the report.

With our stunning new mesher, you get even more accurate results with improved reliability and a nicer mesh. Now open sections have a finer mesh by default, helping you achieve results that are safer than ever before.

Code check more with transparent inputs

Intuitive and fast modeling

Speed and precision

News for Concrete and Prestressing

Our Concrete improvements are of a truly practical and international nature. And for those more demanding Concrete users of you out there, you will be excited to learn that we have implemented automized calculation of equivalent time for long-term deflection in the Beam application. And what about those international updates? 

Although metric is commonplace in Europe, the US and Middle East markets still use imperial. Previously, in the Detail application, when you applied new entities to the model that were in metric units but presented everything in imperial units, you got dimensions containing many decimal places. Not any longer. From 23.0 onwards, the dimensions can be rounded according to your preferred unit system.

It is now also possible to run a limited stress check to ignore any irrelevant stress peaks for SLS checks of concrete, which is fully in compliance with Eurocode. You get a 100% code check with a warning about neglected parts, while still remaining completely safe.

IDEA StatiCa Member also enjoys a serious mesh update in the form of triangular mesh. This brings the advantage of a much bigger mesh and the results being less mesh sensitive. Plus, due to the lower amount of finite elements, the calculation is faster, the presentation of the results is faster and the application’s response is better, too.

The improvements in Concrete and Prestressing include:

Minor improvements

  • Faster calculation by up to 25 % in Detail (again!)
  • Transition length added to SLS for pre-tensioned tendons in Detail
  • GMNIA analysis in Member now includes the code-checking of shear and torsion

News for BIM links

BIM interconnectivity of IDEA StatiCa applications with third-party software has been here for some time. The coverage of the brands and products is really wide, with thirteen in-the-house solutions and several more developed on side of our partners. So, the focus for version 23.0 was not about the number of links, but about the quality and reliability. What has been changed is the way in which we read and use data from other applications. This means our users shouldn't experience any surprises in special cases and workflows.

Our new BimApi solution is continuously spread within the BIM portfolio, and the Load mapping algorithm has got to the new generation of connection recognition.

If you want to check the compatibility with your particular application, just take a look at our list of actively supported versions in 23.0.

Cloud & Licensing & All applications

The biggest news in the Cloud is that Web Connection Browser has been renamed Connection Library. This was the decision after a lot of market research into how we can make the library more user-friendly, intuitive and optimize its workflow.

User Portal has also been improved to report the product version, country analytics, the reporting of license clashes and the licensing system has increased stability, eliminating any related support cases.

Solved incidents

See the current list of solved incidents reported by our customers.

Full Release notes

Below you can download the Release notes for IDEA StatiCa v23.0 in PDF.


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