How to overcome license conflicts between versions?

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With continuous improvements to our licensing system and its monitoring and reporting capabilities, there come obviously some disparities between older versions which might lead to some user discomfort or even frustration. So, here are some tips and hints on how to get rid of your headache.

With the new version of IDEA StatiCa 22.0 introduced in April 2022, we have implemented the new license monitoring and reporting system. The main purpose for ourselves was to see immediately where and when potential issues with the license are happening on the user side. What is even more important, this provides us the possibility to give a lot of control over the license directly to the user's hands.

In the past, when any change on the license was needed (e.g., adding a new user, checking who is using the license, etc.), the change was either not possible at all or you had to ask the IDEA StatiCa support team to do it. Thanks to the User Portal, you now have much more control over your company license, users allocated to it and general usage of the application on your side. 

In order to ease the life also to those users who did not have access to the new version 22.0, we implemented the license improvements and monitoring also in version 21.1 – the last patch 21.1.6. 

This all means that if you are using IDEA StatiCa version 21.1.5 and lower (older), you DO NOT HAVE ACCESS to the license usage data, analytics, and other features visible on the User Portal.

IDEA StatiCa version comparison

versions 21.1.6, 22.0 and higher versions 21.1.5 and older
License usage data (User Portal)
License clashes overview (User Portal)
License user editing
Switching between versions Logging out not needed Logging out necessary

With older versions of IDEA StatiCa, you might also get to some specific license errors, which solution is certainly possible but definitely not straightforward – cached credentials, not connecting to license server, etc. All these issues should be gone now with those higher versions of IDEA StatiCa licenses.  

What shall I do now? 

  • If you are using version 21.1.6 or 22.0 or higher, you are safe and you can use all the benefits of control over the license. 
  • If you are using version 21.1.5 or lower, upgrade to the new version as soon as possible. 
  • If you do not pay for automatic upgrades and you are using version 21.1, migrate to patch 21.1.6.
    In this case, you do not have to worry about the compatibility of projects between version patches – your projects will be fully compatible within the license version 21.1. 
  • If you are using older versions than 21.1, please consider upgrading to higher versions. The benefits of gaining control over the license are obvious. Not even talking about the IDEA StatiCa application itself. 

Please understand that due to technical limitations of the licensing system it is not possible from our side to set license monitoring and reporting features on older versions and patches.

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