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Stress-strain diagrams in CSFM

Concrete Member BETA

Comparison of the Buckling Resistance of SHS and RHS Profiles

CSFM explained

IDEA StatiCa Connection – Structural design of steel connections

IDEA StatiCa Detail – Structural design of concrete discontinuities

IDEA StatiCa Member Theoretical background

Prestressed concrete I-section


Reinforced concrete wall with openings

Steel transverse beam

Cross bracing

Tubular SHS bracings with notches

Atypical anchoring

Gusset to base plate

Heavy anchoring with a base plate


Estructura de hormigón armado de un edificio multifuncional en Brno

Estructura del tejado del Estadio AFAS

Glass roof topping, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Retrofit of a reinforced concrete arch bridge, Czech Republic