Why IDEA StatiCa Detail?

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IDEA StatiCa Detail has been introduced to the engineering world in 2016. Since then, it brought to its users a true revolution and significant advantages on time-saving, productivity, and safety of concrete structures.

For years, we have been researching new ways how to reinforce and code-check concrete details of all topologies and loading. In 2016, we partnered up with one of the top technical universities worldwide – ETH Zurich – to create IDEA StatiCa Detail, a revolutionary tool for concrete design with unique solver, material models, GUI, and output report.

Watch this introductory webinar to know the key features, method inside the software, and validation of results:

IDEA StatiCa Detail reinforces and checks all types of walls, beams, and details (in 2D) such as dapped ends, openings, hangings, brackets, diaphragms, frame joints, and many more. We provide clear pass / fail checks of ULS and SLS according to the code with complete report and bill of material. The most effective position of reinforcement is identified automatically. Results were verified by ETH Zurich.

New CSFM method inside changes the game of concrete design

Together with the top technical universities, we created a new method for analysis and check of concrete details of general shapes and loading. It is called the Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFM). After years of primary research and theoretical preparations, the first version of the application was coded and released.

How CSFM works

IDEA StatiCa Detail uses finite element analysis to break the limits of the standard design approach. 

  • Non-linear analysis performed in the background.
  • Stress and strain determined by the modified compression field theory.
  • Reinforcement results based on the tension chord model.
  •  Crack width and deflection checks.
  • Compression softening.
  • Tension stiffening.

Validation and verification

Results of all tests performed to confirm the safety and reliability of the CSFM method and IDEA StatiCa Detail are published and available. Visit our website to examine them. Professor Kaufmann and his team are also publishing a book devoted to structural concrete design using the CSFM method.

CSFM Book – Compatible stress field design of structural concrete