Detailing improvements for bolts and welds in Eurocode

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The Detailing check in IDEA StatiCa Connection allows engineers to have a better overview of the design and code-check of bolts and welds thanks to thorough information and recommendations according to Eurocode provided in Check tables as well as in the Report.

Satisfying detailing checks are essential for a correct and safe design. 

The detailing checks for bolts and welds in the IDEA StatiCa Connection application have been extended by new rules according to Eurocode.

Implemented range of validity rules:

Bolts according to EN 1993-1-8 and EN 1993-1-3

  • Minimum plate thickness
  • Ductility check

Welds according to EN 1993-1-8

  • Minimum plate thickness
  • Minimum weld throat thickness of fillet welds
  • Ductility check

The application distinguishes four types of detailing messages:

  • OK - represented by the green tick button

This indicates that the model complied with all necessary matters according to the standard, and the connection is designed safely.

  • Error - represented by the red cross icon

Error alerts you to serious non-compliance with the requirements of the standard, and you have to pay attention to the design of the corresponding component.

  • Warning - represented by the yellow triangle with an exclamation point icon

Warning message provides you with recommendations, e.g., based on practical experience. Raised attention to the design is advised but not unconditionally necessary.

  • Info - represented by the blue info icon

Info message has an informative character about less common issues to check, e.g., ductility. 

Individual messages can be seen in detail in corresponding check tables under formulas in the Check section or in the Report.

If there is more than one detailing message of a different type for one item, then the resulting status of messages of the particular item is determined by the message of the highest importance.

The "Error" message has the highest importance, the "Info" message has the lowest one.

The theory, including all corresponding formulas for the above-mentioned checks, is described in part of the theoretical background - Check of steel connection components (EN).

Available in IDEA StatiCa Steel and IDEA StatiCa Complete editions.

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